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The first step toward becoming a Vegan Vampire is a blood transfusion:
We’ll be here to Encourage & Explore this as you build your blood with juices:

Maximize your nutrition intake by drinking freshly extracted juices that are full of enzymes, minerals, antioxidants, and subtle phyto-nutrients. The energy saved in diminished digestion activity allows the body to better manage the other areas that are neglected when the only available fuel is from a substandard processed diet. When the body has the tools and time to restore itself, we can experience renewed youth, reverse (and/or) stop the aging process, and experience true healing.There will be an initial period of detoxification as one begins to shift from death to life, but this is for the benefit and for the good of the body.

Secondary in the process of becoming a Vegan Vampire is a transition to Raw-food.
We’ll help Motivate you & Expand your knowledge as you become “un-dead:”

Once you start to experience the transfusion of life from the living juices, the next natural step in the process of becoming a Vegan Vampire is to transition to a diet of (mostly) raw and living foods.Following a raw food approach allows the body to support the mental and spiritual demands of living in the present world of increasing complexity without becoming susceptible to humanity’s modern plagues. We believe that a conscious transition to fresh foods will promote and stimulate an increase in every area of your life. When you join the ranks of the “un-dead,” you can become truly alive.

Thirdly, Vegan Vampires individualize their diet for continuous improvement.
We are a resource for Coaching & Explaining the ways of life and health:

As a conscious eater, it will become evident that some foods suit you better than others. Transformation from sickness to vibrant health is often accelerated as one begins to individualize the diet, adding life to their years. Super-foods and supplements can assist the process, but they cannot be used effectively to offset bad habits, or imbalances coming from un-healthy choices. Less food can provide more nutrition, and there are many well kept secrets found in the way of the Vampire that lead to a well lived life.


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